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United States Practical Shooting Association
International Practical Shooting Confederation
Florida Sport Shooting Association

Links to make you a better shooter
Handgun Drills, Standards, and Training Page
1911 Society

Florida Shooting
St. Augustine Practical Shooting Association
South East Practical Shooters Association
Coastal Area Practical Shooters
Tampa Bay Pistol Club
South Florida Pistol Club
Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club
Hernando Sportsmans Club
Wyoming Antelope Club
Frank Garcia Universal Shooting Academy
Florida Open Pistol Shooting Tournament

Stage Design Pages
The Stage Exchange

Shooting Related Companys
Sierra Bullets
Starline Brass
STI International
National Bullet Company
Strayer Voigt Inc.
C-More Sights
RidgeLine, Inc. maker of Pro Ears
R.U.Ready Speed Timer
Dillon Precision Products, Inc.
ALCO Target Company
Alliant Powder
VihtaVuori Powders
Kimber of America
GunGames Magazine On-Line
Reloading Page(s) of M.D. Smith, IV
Hodgdon Powder Co.
Rainier Ballistics - LeadSafe Total Copper Jacket Bullets.
Western Powders, Inc.
Wilson Combat
Winchester Ammunition
Wolf Bullets